Clear Cut Thinking

supporting industry leaders to bring contact lenses and related products to market
Fast and Flexible

Our entrepreneurial culture supports innovative thinking and focuses on turning ideas into practical cost effective solutions in a fast and flexible way.

Our talented people, combined with leading edge technology, have the capabilities to help drive innovation and deliver results.

Our experience in IP, design, manufacturing and partnering, provide an ideal test bed for new products and follow through with CE Marking, clinical trials, software support, sales and marketing.

Whether you are a large corporation requiring fast prototyping or an individual who wants to develop an innovative idea, we have the technical and clinical skills to translate innovative concepts into commercial products.

long term innovation

In partnership with academic institutions, public and private companies across the globe, our R&D team is working to develop the new and exciting products of the future.

Partnering with CLPL UltraVision

Our fast and flexible approach enables industry leaders to bring cutting edge contact lenses and related products quickly to market

Some examples

Concept Proving
  • Liquid crystal contact lenses
  • Glaucoma diagnostic contact lenses
  • Multi-zone, diffractive multifocal lenses
  • Cosmetic enhancement lenses
  • KeraSoft IC – a unique soft lens for keratoconus and irregular corneas
  • Short run cast moulding
Fast Prototyping
  • Design iterations of cast moulded lenses
  • Innovating processes for new materials
  • Toric soft lens stabilisation enhancements
  • Multifocal optics optimisation
  • Novel packaging concepts.
Bespoke Software Development
  • Provision of lathe file applications globally
  • Packaging world class lens designs into a distributable format
  • Integrated software solutions for hybrid manufacturing processes
  • Lens design verification, validation and analysis software
  • FEA models to simulate contact lens fit and interaction with ocular structures.

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