Intellectual Property

Experienced in creating intellectual property and licensing designs to industry leaders
Patent Development

With an extensive portfolio of our own patented inventions and technologies, we are serious about protecting Intellectual Property.

We are experienced in licensing new technologies and patented designs to laboratories and industry leaders.

Collaborative Patents

Ongoing collaboration with major academic and commercial institutions to develop technology and create Intellectual Property. Recent partnerships include development of liquid crystal contact lenses and embedded sensors to monitor intraocular pressure.

Chinese Wall

We are well versed in managing sensitive information, giving industry leaders the confidence to investigate new inventions and technologies independently from their own Intellectual Property portfolio.

CLPL Registered Patents

Research and Development translated into Intellectual Property

Spherical Aberration Measurement (SAM)
France1151345 FR2006
Ireland1151345 IE2006
UK1151345 UK2006
SAM2Switzerland1886182 CH2012
Spain1886182 ES2012
France1886182 FR2012
UKGB 24268122009
Ireland1886182 IE2012
Italy1886182 IT2012
Netherlands1886182 NL2012
USAUS 7,717,5632010
Irregular Cornea
KeraSoft 3UKGB 24665982012
KeraSoft ICUSAUS 8,317,3232012
Fitting CLs to irregular corneasUSAUS 8,366,2722013
Contact Lens Packaging
CL packagingUK1320153.8Pending
Embedded systems (MEMS)
Liquid crystal devicePCT2015015205Pending
Monitoring IOPPCT2012052765Pending
Multifocal lens design
Current projects resulting in IP

Virtual reality contact lens
Accommodating IOLs
Active tear pump surface technology

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation
Spherical aberration management2006
KeraSoft IC2010

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